Please GIVE TODAY to Increase Life Chances for Young People

Our programs can change lives. HELP make CHANGE!

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We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!

Our programs can change lives. HELP make CHANGE!

Your Help will ensure all children have the opportunity to fulfill their dreams!

We all want children to succeed in our schools and community. A child should not be defined by race, financial status, educational background, or challenges they have encountered. Thanks to our donors, for over 50 years The Rensselaerville Institute makes change happen in communities and schools.

We help create change every day, empowered by the generosity of donors like YOU! Your continued support funds numerous Community Sparkplug programs helping more than 2000 people in over 835 counties in 38 states. Your dollars are at work putting in waterlines, teaching children to read, and supporting teachers in classrooms. Your goal is our goal: To help those that need it.

Supporting community volunteers that want better lives for children is what you do. They have become better reader and dancers; they apply for college, and so much more because of you. In one community an afterschool program helps students improve one grade level in three math concepts. These students hit their goal by March, with 90% of them understanding fractions and 65% enhanced in number comparison and 84% in multiplication. The teacher attributed her success to the TRI outcomes approach, an approach that you have been backing for years. This afterschool program would not have happened if we didn’t have compassionate contributors year after year.

Please continue your support to help us achieve our mission. Everyone achieves. No Exceptions. No Excuses.